Fitted Wardrobe Designs and Features

Fitted wardrobes these days come in some fabulous designs and have some great features including sections that double as a dressing table, and other spaces for hanging clothes and storing folded ones. Also, fitted wardrobes are perfect for making use of odd-shaped rooms by using floor space that would be wasted otherwise.

Some important benefits of the new fitted wardrobe designs are that they are not only convenient, but adaptable and can withstand wear, pressure, or damage. Other things to consider when deciding on the kind of fitted wardrobe to have in your bedroom is the amount of space there is in the room. Also, do you want a freestanding dressing table or do you want one incorporated into the fitted wardrobe? Will there be room for a chair?

Know your storage style

Before you decide on the design of your fitted wardrobe, remember that wardrobes, no matter which style, are more functional if you know in advance just what you’re going to use them for, and how you will do that. If your habit is to just throw single socks in a drawer rather than rolling them up in pairs, you will need more room in your drawers to store them. The same goes for shirts, if you iron them, fold them and then put them in a neat pile you will probably need more room than someone who irons them and hangs them up on a coat hanger in the wardrobe.

Also, consider what you wear and how you prefer to get dressed. This is important if the fitted wardrobe design is to serve you best. Try to have an area to put the items you use more often in spaces at eye-level where you can reach them easily, and the least-used items can be placed higher up or even lower down. Remember, most fitted wardrobes are designed with far too much hanging space and not enough shelf or drawer storage areas.

Some great features for your fitted wardrobe design

The range of fittings and features to enhance your fitted wardrobe include:

  • Custom dividers
  • Interior LED lighting
  • Custom designed folding mirrors
  • Ironing tables
  • TV base swinging arms
  • Drawer organisers and dividers
  • Belt and tie racks
  • Standard cornices
  • Bulkhead or unit tops to suit your decor.
  • See-through wire bins
  • Acrylic or glass-fronted drawers

Your mirrored fitted wardrobe can take up an entire wall right up to the ceiling for maximum storage space, or it can fit snugly into a corner.

Sliding doors?

The new fitted wardrobes can come with sliding doors that have state-of-the-art smooth running track systems with reinforced bottom tracks for strength and wearability. This means the days of your sliding doors getting stuck or leaping off the tracks is over. Choose a sliding door design with fully adjustable wheels, slimline doors with built-in rubber buffers for fingertips, gentle and silent closing.

Hinged doors?

Your fitted wardrobe doors should be chosen carefully according to, not only your available space, but also your preference for either swinging or hinged doors or the sliding doors mentioned above. If you have enough space, swinging doors can be right for you because they give you better access to the inside of the wardrobe. On the other hand, doors that swing outwards can’t function if there’s anything in their path. The downside of sliding doors is you can only reach half of the interior at any given time.

How much storage space?

When thinking of the design of your fitted wardrobe try to take into account the available space in all directions – up to the ceiling, horizontally across the whole wall and down to the floor. There’s a lot of storage space to be had in bins on high shelves, in boxes you can roll out and from the floor level. For off-season storage use places that are not so easily accessed.

Consider the lighting

Dark wardrobes can limit a quick choice of clothing if you’re late for work! For your fitted wardrobe to function and serve you best you must be able to see what you’re looking for. Some can have natural light shining in from skylights or windows, but at night or very early in the morning you don’t have that advantage. So you will need some form of artificial lighting – but remember, it has to be somewhere between you and the inside of the wardrobe. If it is set behind you, your shadow will block the light. And if you decide to light up the interior of the fitted wardrobe, incandescent bulbs can be a fire hazard in a small, enclosed space due to the heat emitted. Fluorescent or LED lighting is often the only code-compliant way to solve the problem.

Designing a fitted wardrobe can be confusing, frustrating and expensive if you get it wrong. This is why Versa Wardrobes offers a free, no-obligation design and quote in your home with a professional wardrobe designer. Your consultant can combine your ideas with Versa expertise to bring you exactly what you want. Your new fitted wardrobe can be impressive, a personal statement; it can be seamlessly integrated into your bedroom. It can also be indulgent and opulent or plain and basic. But at Versa, all custom wardrobes are created to incorporate smart design, to use innovative, practical, functional features to maximise storage space.

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