9 Ways To Maximise Your Wardrobe Space

Finding enough space to store all your wardrobe essentials can be difficult, especially if you have a small wardrobe.

Here are 9 easy ways to make more room and maximise the space in your wardrobe with clever design.

1. Call a Wardrobe Professional.

It’s important to get a professional  to come out design and give you ideas on how to maximise your wardrobe storage. Did you know Versa Robes offers a free in home measure and quote. Call Versa Robes to make a completely free, no obligation in home design and quote appointment. Our design consultants will inspire you with innovative wardrobe solutions, personalised design and unrivalled workmanship to improve your storage needs, wardrobe function and aesthetics.

2. Double your available hanging space

Nothing will transform your wardrobe as quickly and dramatically as double hanging.

By grouping short clothing (such as tops and blazers) and long clothing (such as dresses and coats together), you’ll free up a large expanse of space under your short items and instantly double the amount of hanging space by installing an additional rod under your short hanging items for more hanging space.

3.  Go all the way to the top

Use the entire height of your walk-in robe or built-in robe. Floor to ceiling robes will not  only make the room feel bigger but will also give you more storage. Use this additional space for storage boxes to switch out your seasonal clothing or store your larger items such as suitcases. A must when you have limited storage space!

4. Use a trouser and skirt rack

Fewer hanging equals less mess and also easy accessible as it slides out seamlessly.

5. Adjustable shelving.

Custom built adjustable shelving is great, this way you can  adjust different heights according to what you are storing.

6. Accessory display

Have all your jewellery, belts and ties neat and untangled  in an accessory drawer.

7. Don’t let the floor space go to waste

Lining shoes under your clothing is great but having shoe shelves installed is even better as they are designed to give you more room to store

8. Any wardrobe is not complete without a mirror

Have a full length mirror installed inside or outside your wardrobe doors. Not only will you be able to see how an outfit looks, it will give any wardrobe  the illusion of more space.

9. Give your wardrobe a clean out yearly. 

Ask yourself a question for each item in your wardrobe.  Have I worn it in the last 12 months? If the answer is no, the answer will most likely be no 2 years down the track. By cleaning out your wardrobe yearly not only will you have more space to see and access your favourite clothing, but you will have more space for new clothing also!

If these tips have inspired you to organise and maximise your storage needs, there is only one thing to do….. call Versa Robes today!