Fitted Wardrobes Versus Freestanding

If it’s time to revamp your bedroom to increase the space and bring some order into your life, the best place to start is the wardrobe. Apart from the bed it is a focal point and functional part of the room. Lets look at fitted wardrobes versus freestanding wardrobes.

Fitted wardrobes with sliding doors can be the answer to the problem of a lack of space and they can transform your room and your life. Take a moment to consider all the poor wardrobes across the globe bursting at the seams with clothes, shoes, accessories, and anything that needs to be shoved out of sight, bought by eager followers of fashion or even those addicted to Op shopping.

If the cramming is done in a freestanding wardrobe, rather than a fitted wardrobe with sliding doors, the chances are the problem of not enough room to store your belongings is made worse because these wardrobes don’t make the best use of space. Nor do freestanding wardrobes allow you to change things around and make even more room for your belongings.

Hinged wardrobe doors need space to open, so do drawers, so shelving and sliding doors can create more space, and this is where fitted wardrobes have the advantage. They are a simple way to give your bedroom a makeover, and can actually create three times more room. Fitted wardrobes come in all shapes and sizes, with whatever style or finish suits your bedroom, the rest of your home, and your lifestyle.

The benefits of a fitted wardrobe

  • Your bedroom might be an awkward shape but a fitted wardrobe can transform even the most irregular corner into a workable spot for your precious belongings.
  • Consider how much space is taken up in freestanding wardrobes by gaps at the side or the top filled with dusty little knick-knacks.
  • By contrast, fitted wardrobes can be customised to reach and fit the full height of the bedroom, making use of space right up to the ceiling.
  • Your fitted wardrobe can be made with full length mirrors in the sliding doors.
  • The bulky, space-consuming dressing table can be replaced by a section in the fitted wardrobe where you can sit in front of a mirror and apply makeup etc, then slide the door closed and your bedroom is neat again.
  • Or your dressing table area can also be incorporated into the fitted wardrobe style to make a stunning impact.
  • It’s an investment.

You can’t take it with you, but there are positives 

It’s not really bad news that you can’t take your fitted wardrobe with you if you sell up and leave, unlike your freestanding wardrobe. But consider the cost of the removalist. No bulky freestanding wardrobes to load on the truck, and of course, there’s the investment to consider. The positive side of not being able to take it with you is that your investment can always be recouped, since when you sell your home, potential buyers will be drawn to all that storage space available in your fitted wardrobe.

On a budget? No worries

Your fitted wardrobe need not cost the earth. Many reputable wardrobe manufacturers and retailers have different budget levels for you to choose from. According to your budget, there are companies who offer not only custom designed and made, but handmade, fitted wardrobes to suit your style and your bedroom space. Yes, these are more expensive, but it means you don’t have to tweak your ideas to fit in with a fitted wardrobe ‘off the rack’’. If you opt for a bespoke wardrobe fitting company, ask for some examples of their work.

What kind of doors?

When gathering ideas for your fitted wardrobe design, consider the shape and size of your bedroom, since this will matter when it comes to the kind of doors you choose. In a room lacking space, have a look at some sliding doors, or even bi-fold varieties if sliding doors annoy you when they get stuck in the tracks. A small bedroom can also be made to look larger with mirrored doors on your fitted wardrobe.

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