Wardrobe Door Trends

One area that requires serious consideration is the style of wardrobe you wish to install. Built-in-robes are undeniably an absolute must in real estate these days, but working out the best colours, textures, materials and styles for your wardrobe doors can be a tough decision to make.

To help you out, we’re unpacking this year’s top trends in wardrobe door design. Whether you’re planning on selling your house this year and want to boost that precious ROI, or are simply looking to update your current abode, these tips will help you refine your decision.

Traditional woods in dark, solid tones

While blonde timber has certainly dominated the design arena for some time now, darker tones are starting to make a major comeback. Wave goodbye to natural, sandy hues and instead, welcome deeper shades of oak, teak and walnut when it comes to your wardrobe doors. By decorating your room with dazzling jewel tones such as emerald and amethyst, you can inject a rich and tranquil sense of ambience that’s bang on-trend right now.

Glossy laminate surfaces in silky whites

For an ultra-chic, contemporary look in the bedroom, invest in glossy laminate doors for your wardrobe. After peaking in the 1970s, this high-shine material is now coming back with a vengeance. Naturally, employing a white shade is ideal for helping to transition your home through future design trends, while the reflective qualities of the glossy finish will not only open up your space, but also bounce colours around your room. This is particularly convenient for those who tend to frequently update their interiors – simply switch up your linen and decor according to the latest colours and styles, and let your wardrobes enhance their appeal.

Mirrored sliding doors

You really can’t go past mirrored sliding wardrobe doors. Though not exactly a new trend, the use of mirrored surfaces within wardrobes remains highly popular due to its seamless fusion of fashion and functionality. A floor-to-ceiling mirror saves home owners from having to fork out for a separate mirror in the bedroom, making these products an inevitable favourite when it comes to wardrobe doors. The fact that they slide on a track also means you save on precious space. Furthermore, the use of the reflective surface adds substantial depth to rooms, rendering this style perfect for smaller spaces that need a bit of a boost.

Frosted glass for a dose of transparency

With their clean lines and sophisticated sense of elegance, glass sliding doors are another popular choice right now. By placing your wardrobe items on show, you can add a touch of personalisation to your space. Frosted glass is a particularly stunning option: the semi-sheer transparency helps turn your possessions into modern art displays while also amplifying the amount of light in your room. Just be careful here – if you’re the kind of person who carelessly tosses your belongings into your wardrobe, you may want to rethink using this type of material in your doors!

Can’t decide? Get creative and custom-design your own wardrobe doors incorporating different trends

Choosing to mix-and-match is a great way to play with different colours and textures and create a truly personalised design. We love the idea of framing mirrored or frosted glass doors with a solid dark timber to really add drama to your space and effectively bring it into the modern day. Alternatively, adding strips of timber to high-gloss white laminate doors can turn your wardrobe into a striking feature piece for your room. Get the creative juices flowing, brainstorm some ideas, and enlist our free design and quote services to help you mould your final decision.

For all the latest trends in wardrobe doors in Melbourne, get in touch with the professional wardrobe specialists at Versa Robes. Promising an unmatched service, we can help you update your home with our stunning range of products on offer. Flick through our gallery today.