Designing Your Perfect Wardrobe With Versa Robes Melbourne

When it comes to designing the perfect custom built in or walk-in wardrobe there’s a lot to consider.

It’s not as simple as attaching a rail and putting our clothes on it; we have to think about the style, size, functionality, material, colour and much more. Do you require more hanging space or drawers?  Or do you require more double hanging space and shoe shelving? Don’t forget, a custom wardrobe is much more than just a rail these days, it can include drawers, shoe shelving, jewellery drawers, trouser/tie racks and skirt hanging too!

Have a read of our guide to wardrobe design and let us take the guesswork away to leave you feeling confident and excited about your choice.

Measuring the space you have to work with is absolutely crucial. When you know how much room you have to play with, your wardrobe design can really start in earnest and you can begin to personalise the inside to perfectly suit your needs. Our consultants can guide you through this process to layout and design your dream custom built wardrobe.

Think about what you really need to store, if you have thousands of jumpers and only one pair of trousers, you will definitely won’t require more hanging space, but instead, can include more drawers. Drawers are great for organising and safely storing smaller items such as sunglasses, scarves and more. There’s nothing worse than looking for something, only to realise you’ve lost it somewhere in your closet. A few simple drawers can prevent that from happening.  Think about whether you need more shelving as you have a big shoe and bag collection.

A decision also needs to be made about the material & colour to use on your new inbuilt wardrobe. Look around your bedroom as it stands and take in what materials you have used the most. If you have a lot of wood, for example, you will more than likely want to tie that into your new wardrobe design, to make it feel sympathetic and tonally appropriate.

Choosing colour of the material for your wardrobe is very much related to the style and colour palette of a home. Versa Robes is your Melbourne wardrobe specialist, offering FREE in-home measure and quote.

If you are thinking of a new custom made wardrobe, built in wardrobe or walk-in wardrobe be sure to contact Versa Robes Melbourne.