Custom Wardrobe Installation


DIY, flatpack and ikea wardrobes will cost you more then you realise! Custom… usually when we hear that word we can almost see the money draining from our bank accounts. But did you know that having a custom wardrobe ISN’T EXPENSIVE AT ALL!? And when you consider that clothes, shoes and accessories (believe it or not!) are one of the largest investments you make over your life, investing in a custom wardrobe to store all these items is a smart investment indeed.

You’re probably wondering WHY custom made wardrobes are SO much better than just buying a wardrobe from a furniture store or picking up a wardrobe form the local hardware or ordering a wardrobe online? Here are the three main reasons:

  1. Perfect Fit. No house is perfectly level or square, so while buying a standard wardrobe may seem like a money saver or an easy fix, it often turns into a nightmare when it comes to wardrobe fit outs (doors and draws are hard to open or won’t stay shut, impractical internal configuration, unsightly gaps etc.).  Accurate measurement is the MOST important and often overlooked element of wardrobe installation.Here at Versa Robes our experience tradesmen use laser measuring tools, which means every element of your custom wardrobe is precisely measured, cut to size, then installed level and square, so your wardrobe functions exactly as it should and fits perfectly. You can read about how smooth and easy wardrobe installation is directly from our satisfied customers.
  2. External Appearance and Internal Configuration. The freedom to decide exactly how your custom wardrobe should look and function for maximum appeal, practicality and storage – Install framed, frameless or semi frameless wardrobe doors in timber, glass, acrylic, coloured, patterned or mirrored finishes. Sliding wardrobe doors save space. Hinged wardrobe doors give you full access to your entire wardrobe. You can design a custom wardrobe configuration, arranging drawers, shelves and hanging spaces to suit your needs. Or why not add those shoe racks you’ve been talking about? You could create your very own Narnia by installing a custom wardrobe, but without a professional wardrobe installer you may be lost forever.
  3. Installation. Flat-packs and many other “quick fixes” can be fiddly, time consuming and frustrating. Designing a custom wardrobe and opting for a professional wardrobe fit out takes the hassle out of everything. Our friendly and professional team will collaborate with you to design a beautiful, practical custom wardrobe then perfectly install it all for you! We have all the right tools, we know all the tricks of the trade, and of-course we use quality materials that last. You will be pleased with the hassle-free, smooth installation of your custom wardrobe. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Here at Versa Robes we’re super excited to offer local Melbourne residents a FREE DESIGN AND QUOTE so you can be confident that the custom wardrobe you’ve been dreaming off is indeed perfect for you and your home. Our talented wardrobe designers will discuss everything with you, from style and budget all the way through to every draw, shelf and clothes rail.

So, all of you Melbourne residents who are “um-ing and ah-ing” about where to go for an affordable, beautifully crafted custom wardrobe give our team a call today and arrange your free in-home design and quote. It’s an investment that will save you time, money and effort!