Wardrobe Care Instructions

Caring for your new wardrobe

So you’ve decided to add a new wardrobe to your home and you’re wondering where to start. Contact our friendly team today for your FREE in-home design and quote, and one of our specialist designers will be out to walk you through your many options. We specialise in designing and building wardrobes for Melbourne homes, from built in wardrobes, walk in wardrobes through to custom wardrobes. With a long list of satisfied customers, we’re confident our design team and wardrobe makers can create your storage dream an exciting reality.

As part of our dedication to delivering an exceptional service, today we’re bringing you some time and money saving ideas to help you care for your new wardrobe, ensuring your walk-in robe, built-in robe or custom robe looks its best for longer. These simple steps also save you the drama of silverfish, moth and beetle infestations which can result in needing to replace your clothes too!

A great place to start is ensuring your children know that the wardrobe is not a playground – as exciting as it can be to swing from doors and climb things, this is a sure-fire way to land yourself with a repair bill. If you have pets that are likely to scratch it, keep them away where possible to avoid unsightly markings.

People often think that because their clothes are kept in a wardrobe, dust is no longer an issue. Not true. So be sure to take your clothes out for a wash or shake-out at least once a month. While doing this, give the drawers and hanging rods a wipe down with some Eucalyptus Oil; this acts as a fantastic moth deterrent and leaves your wardrobe with a fresh scent. Other deterrents include dried lavender, cloves and cedar chips.

And finally, when wiping down your wardrobe and wardrobe doors, ensure you only use a damp cloth; too much moisture can leave watermarks.

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