Sliding Doors Make A Stylish Wardrobe

They are available in so many styles, materials and finishes to achieve vintage, modern or classic look. In addition to looking stunning they have so many practical benefits. For simple and easy access to your clothes and accessories, sliding wardrobe doors are a must. On those busy workday mornings when you have to get the children off to school and yourself and partner off to work, having a wardrobe with a sliding door makes life so much easier. Sliding doors also save space, look elegant and close with little effort, leaving the room looking neat, rather than having to push and shove to close the doors of a bulging conventional wardrobe.

Sliding doors make a stylish wardrobe! A custom-built wardrobe with sliding mirror doors makes getting dressed a pleasure since you can see yourself from head to toe and can check whether the clothes and shoes you’ve chosen for the day complement each other. Also, the clothes are right there in front of you, so choosing them or changing your mind won’t waste time.

Sliding wardrobe doors can also make the bedrooms look bigger. This applies especially if your room is small or you have a penchant for lots of bedroom furniture and storage space such as blanket boxes and the like. Even though the mirrors need to be cleaned more often than a simple sliding door would, the effort is worth it for the convenience and style they bring to the room. The mirrors also brighten up the room as they catch the light creating a warm ambience.

While framed sliding doors with mirrors are a little less expensive than wooden swinging doors with hinges, frameless mirrored sliding doors are more expensive but create a great look and they’re worth it in the long run. They add value to the house and there are many different designs in sliding wardrobe doors that can complement the decor of the rest of the bedroom and the house itself.

The most popular wardrobes with sliding doors aside from mirrored doors are constructed from MDF which can be plain or routed and painted to suit the rest of the bedroom. The mirror sections are typically glass with a reflective layer on one side and for safety, and most sliding mirror doors are laminated.

Wardrobes with sliding doors are simply moulded into the design of any room, and can choose from various designs and styles as well as finishes, and also sizes that will fit comfortably in the space with the right amount of storage areas for your needs. Also, consider that sliding doors can be a feature of any cupboard or closet in your house where you need extra storage. They can be used in the bathroom – plexiglass is often used for shower recess sliding doors – or even in an attic.

Subdivisions in your wardrobe with sliding doors can help you organise your clothes and shoes and other accessories rather than letting them pile up in one space making them hard to find. Some wardrobes come with extra shelving, or if you are designing a custom built wardrobe with sliding doors you can opt for the kind of shelves and drawers you need.

The modern bedroom often comes with dressing table or drawer handles that are sleek and stylish, and wardrobes complete with sliding doors. There can be a combination of colours and stark contrasts, or softer hues and finishes to make the room a pleasant experience since, after all, it’s where you spend a large amount of your time.

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