Mirror Wardrobes Doors

Fashion or Function? You can have both!

Wardrobe doors do more then just hide the things behind them. They can be used as a design feature depending on the style and material used or they can be functional, for example wardrobe makers may install sliding wardrobe doors instead of hinged doors that encroach into your room taking up space when open. Or you can have it all; wardrobe doors that suit your style and serve your functional needs.

Your wardrobe can be a work of art that is equally stylish and functional. The best thing you can do is enlist the expertise of a reputable custom wardrobe builder in Melbourne, like Versa Robes. The next best thing you can do is read this article to learn more about the different styles of wardrobe doors.

Your wardrobe doors can be as individual as you are and it is a great way to add a personal touch to your bedroom. There are many materials and styles to choose from – mirror, coloured glass, plain or routed MDF (which can be painted to your colour choice), vinyl wrap,  white melamine or a range of coloured or woodgrain board.

Mirrored wardrobe doors are multipurpose, they can be used as a dressing mirror, plus they add depth to a room so they are a great choice for smaller rooms to make them appear larger. Additionally the reflective surface gives a room a light, bright atmosphere. These doors are available framed or frameless .Frameless mirrored doors provide a great modern look.

Routed MDF panel wardrobe doors can add a distinctive touch to the wardrobe and fit within a wide variety of décor styles. The MDF can be painted to your colour choice to match your existing décor or personal style or you could consider vinyl wrapped doors although the colour choices are more limited.

Flat panel doors in glass, coloured board or white melamine are great for a contemporary home.  The understated, clean lines of flat panel doors accentuate the character of a modern home. For a unique twist choose a coloured finish in satin or high-gloss, this glamorous look creates a wonderful backdrop in your room.

Although, frameless wardrobe doors can be a impressive addition to any room creating clean lines that can blend in with the walls, get creative with framed wardrobe doors to make a bold design statement or achieve a more subdued traditional look. Just by selecting the type of frame for your wardrobe doors you can alter the entire look and feel of your room.

When selecting a style for your wardrobe doors it is important to choose wisely and with the help of a professional. Versa Robes offer a free in-home design and quote with a wardrobe design consultant to help you choose wardrobe doors that suit your style and budget. Visit our wardrobe gallery to get some ideas or call to speak to one of the team at Versa Robes to discuss your options.