Choosing The Perfect Wardrobe

Who would have thought there were considerations to make when choosing the wardrobe for your home! Believe it or not, there are a number of different robes available, including walk in robes, built in robes, or you can even choose to have a custom wardrobe designed and built. In this article we explore the main types of wardrobes you will find, which will hopefully bring you closer to choosing the right wardrobe for your home. A good service provider should also provide you with a free design and quote.

Built in Wardrobes

Built in wardrobes can be designed to fit an existing space in your room. For example, you have a large empty area in your bedroom; using a measuring tape, determine the dimensions of your desired robe and contact your local wardrobe makers for a quote. Once the wardrobe is complete, it will be installed in your room and voila! You’re very own fitted robe.
A built in wardrobe can be built into your home during construction. They’re fantastic for giving you storage space, without taking up any “living” room. The beauty of built in wardrobes is that if you forgot to include them in your building plans, they can be added to existing homes further down the track.

Walk in Wardrobes

Walk in robes (aka “the room for all the clothes you have”) are typically for those who require a lot of storage space, and more often than not are built in during construction, much like the built in wardrobes. Walk in wardrobes are exactly that, a room for all the extra stuff you need to store. Walk in wardrobes can be added to an existing home where you have extra space in a large room that can be utilised. So if you’re building or renovating, these robes are a great storage solution.

Custom Built Wardrobes

This is where you get to have FUN with a wardrobe; everything about this robe is entirely you. You can choose the colour, dimensions, style and over-all design, including the material. The only downfall of custom robes is they are generally more expensive, due to the amount of work that goes into making them.
Each different style of wardrobe will have different options regarding wardrobe doors; you can choose from many colours, styles and finishes.

Whether you already knew about these different wardrobe options or not, no doubt you’re now faced with the dilemma of choosing the right wardrobe maker for the job.

If you’re local to Melbourne you’ve probably already googled “Wardrobes Melbourne”, “Built in wardrobes Melbourne” or “Walk in wardrobes Melbourne” and been overwhelmed by the amount of wardrobe makers out there! So to make your job a little easier, check out these testimonials from our customers, browse our website and book a free in home design and quote to experience the benefits of choosing Versa Robes!

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