Why More Storage Equals Less Stress!

Whether it’s plugging all of our appointments into a smart phone or using an app to monitor and track the food we eat, every year there’s a fresh new way to organise ourselves. Yet, it seems like the more devices we introduce to our lives, the more disheveled our lifestyles become. And being disorganised leads to stress.

Case in point why do homeowners with 2 car garages park their cars on the street? Clutter. It begs the question do we need the garage at all? When you buy a 35 square foot home in the suburbs it comes with 4 bedrooms a study and a 2nd living area with the added bonus of having more room to move in.

But what if you decided you only needed 3 bedrooms, a study, one communal living area, you could live with parking the car on the street and utilise some smart storage ideas for the home? You would be able to live closer to Melbourne’s CBD, save the costs of owning a 2nd car by taking public transport and realise a greater return on your home investment in the years to come.

Cut out the clutter.

Mental health experts agree that one of the key ways to reduce stress in our lives is to get organised. And while lining up all your to-do’s in a handy list or spreadsheet is a good start, it’s hard to keep your mind straight when your room is a mess. Starting your day out in a room where your belongings are scattered all over the place is a surefire way to make sure your thoughts will be scattered as well. Talk about waking up on the wrong side of the bed!

Sifting through your stuff and tossing out or donating possessions that you no longer use is the first step to getting your room in order, but when you’ve still got more things than you’ve room for, it’s time to consider a bedroom do-over.

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.

If you’re the type of person with piles of clothes heaped so high that you’ll never get into Narnia, perhaps it is time to consider buying a new built-in wardrobe. The beauty of going built-in is that you get the opportunity to fully customise your storage space based on your individual needs. Got lots of shoes? Voila, extra shelves. Business suit junkie? No problem, go with double-tiered hanging rods.

Begin your day on the right foot by having all of your clothes and other essentials in order and easy to find. There’s nothing worse than standing in front of the closet in your birthday suit, irked because you can’t find anything to wear. Especially in the winter.

Your mood when you leave the house tends to stick with you all day.

Post installation our clients automatically feel a little more in control of their lives. An organised wardrobe, designed to suit your personal needs, will set the tone for an organised day, and with luck, an organised life. It’s one thing to feel stressed at the office, but there’s really no reason why we should have to feel stress at home.

How you are feeling as you leave the house is how you’ll be feeling when you walk into work so if your house is out of control you’re going to feel out of control as well and all the iPhone Apps in the world can’t fix this for you.

So, whether you call Versa Robes for a no-risk consultation or not, try to cut unnecessary stress out of your life by chucking out non-essentials and organising your bedroom to be your own zen sanctuary. The room where you rest ought to be warm and welcoming, and not a pit of clutter that kicks your morning off with a headache.