When Did Home Renovation Get So Hip?

30 years ago, the concept of a home renovation meant slapping up a bungalow in the backyard, the lean-to kitchen or knocking out the wall between the living and formal dining area and plastering in an archway. Our grandparents’ generation only built-on when it was absolutely necessary. So why is it that nowadays people change up their homes with less forethought than switching hairdos and when did renovating get so hip?

Well, home renovations are not just a passing fad propagated by the coolest of the cool. It’s that we require more out of our house than our grandparents did. Much more.

Sure, we too need walls and a roof to keep out the wind and rain, but in modern times we expect that our home be a true reflection of self. We’re super busy and super stressed out, so when we come home after a long day trudging along out in the real world, we need a space where we can relax, recharge, and feel at one with our recliner.

Maslow’s updated pyramid.

Perhaps in 1943 Maslow’s hierarchy of needs set us on the path of Self-Actualisation, but in 2013 a kick-ass kitchen easily trumps creative fulfilment and following our inner talent!

Ok, clearly we are joking here. Friendship and love are more important than a new living room, but only just. Just ask the cast members of “The Block” if friendship is the most important thing!

While simple retail therapy can provide that fleeting passion to get you through a difficult week, a well planned home renovation can set the tone for a whole new lifestyle. In fact, revamping our space is such a personal experience that most homeowners are more apt to hire a contractor based on compatibility rather than capability.

Reality TV has become.. Reality!

While we all like to think that we can ignore the allure of the “boob tube” the truth is that television influences public perception and home renovations are no exception.

While we all grumbled about the blatant product placement, shows like The Block and Backyard Blitz took the nation (and the world) by storm and the allure of ‘easy wealth creation’ created a whole new generation of DIYers, eager and ready to leap into home transformation, either for profit, or to create the perfect living space.

Now you would think after a decade of your neighbours watching home improvement shows something might have stuck, but alas it seems we live next door to Darryl Kerrigan of 3 Highview Crescent Coolaroo. The verandah lace and the chimney are fake… but it adds a bit of charm. And the satellite dish on the roof always adds local credibility. You can over capitalise.

Different strokes for different folks.

Dream renovations vary from person to person. While your modern foodie may yearn for the ultimate gourmet kitchen, the uber-organised finds more solace in a storage optimised wardrobe to keep their bedroom neat and tidy. For others, a dreamy bathroom reminding them of their last overseas gaunt is the icing on the cake for relaxation.

The reality is that most of us, especially those who live in larger cities like Melbourne, don’t have the luxury of buying a plot of land and designing our dream home from the foundation up. We’ve got to peruse the offerings of the market and choose the property that most closely matches our ultimate vision of home. It only makes sense that to complete this vision we might need to knock out a wall, update kitchen-tops, or install a new shower in lieu of the rusty old claw-toothed bathtub that came with our mortgage.

Fortunately, anything is possible.

So really, at the end of the day, home renovations are hip because we now enjoy the luxury of no longer having to see our house as nothing more than a barrier to the elements. Due to dual-income households, smaller families, and flexible financing options, renovating your home is easier than ever.

So get your thinking caps on, imagine what alterations could make your place the talk of the neighbourhood, and get on the horn with VersaRobes! (Yes, it’s a shameless plug, but we really can help you make your renovation dreams a reality!)