Feel Like A Millionaire In Your Designer Shower

Most aspects of “growing up” are a real bummer. Whether it’s trading in the nightlife for nappies or the sports car for a mini-van, being a responsible adult sure is a lot less fun. But that’s not to say that maturity is not without its benefits. Remember when you tossed out that stained old hand me down mattress and splashed out to buy something decent? Ahh…just like sleeping in a hotel!

What wonderful nostalgia…the first night on that padded slab of sweet sleep heaven, you smiled yourself to sleep. You snoozed all through the night without a single interruption. Eight straight hours without coming face-to-face with a spring (literally).

Imagine experiencing that “first time” feeling again, without your clothes on.
Get your head out of the gutter. We’re talking about designer showers here.

You’ve all heard the drill. We spend a 1/3 of our life sleeping, so it totally makes sense that we’d find a little more space in the home furnishings budget for a quality mattress. But what about the shower? Did you know the average person spends 182 days and 12 hours in the shower in their lifetime? Wouldn’t such a huge percentage of our life warrant a little more consideration?

Yet, so many of us insist on sticking with our way-short-of-spectacular shower systems that came with the house. Seriously, if you’re looking to add a boost of unexpected luxury to your life, there’s no better way to pamper yourself day in and day out than investing in a custom made shower.

Curtain Call.

It’s not 1983. Say bye-bye to the shower curtain. And at the same time you can say au revoir to mildew and to the 5 minutes you spend mopping up the floor from all the errant spray that your curtain seems to have such a hard time containing.

Check out some of the more contemporary options available in the modern world: Hyperlink https://www.versarobes.com.au/designer-shower-screens-gallery.html or if you really want to go chic, try frameless Hyperlink: https://www.versarobes.com.au/frameless-shower-screens-gallery.html

Get creative. With a custom shower solution through Versa Robes the world is your oyster.

Fix your fixture.

Then there’s your good old shower head (old being the operative word here), partially clogged with lime scale, so it not so much sprays water but mostly just dribbles, like a toddler eating breakfast.

We console ourselves by purchasing hugely pricey shampoos and body washes, lotions and potions to try to convince ourselves we are having a spa-tastic experience. But even a Prada shower gel won’t transport you out of that dingy old bathtub you’re showering in. Do you really enjoy a low tide of shower scum lapping at your feet as you slowly rinse under embarrassingly weak water pressure?

There are a multitude of fixture options these days, but a popular route to take is the “rainwater” shower head. It really takes showering to a whole new level of lush. So in Melbourne’s winter think of cascading warm rain falling all around you, without the umbrella. It’s also a fabulous alternative for houses not blessed with fire hose like pressure.

Two’s company and three’s a crowd.

If you want to go all out, why stop at one head? A few spa spray shower heads with separate controls strategically placed are an amazing touch. You’ll walk away feeling indulged and relaxed, instead of annoyed. Who doesn’t want to start or end each day feeling totally spoiled?

Along the same lines, with a designer shower you can give yourself the space you need to not feel like a tinned sardine at bath time, banging your elbows every time you turn to grab the bar of soap. Most inner city Melbourne homes were designed and built back in a time when architects weren’t invented and the common thought was not to give much thought to bathroom luxury. A shower was meant to be utilitarian, and not a place to feel relaxed and start your day off on the right foot.

But times have changed.

Take some time to let the idea sink in…

When you’re done living like a student, consider this: for not much more than the price of a leather sofa, you could redo your tatty old shower and totally transform those 10 (20 if you’re like me) drab minutes of your day into a magical bathroom getaway.