A kitchen makeover: The gift for the whole family

Australia’s evolving so fast these days that sometimes it’s kinda hard to keep up!

Families come in all shapes and sizes. There’s no longer any reason to bother trying to keep up with the Joneses, because we’re all doing our own thing and racing in totally different directions.

These days individuality is the name of the game.

Not only is every family unique compared to the neighbours, but more than ever, each family member has got their own distinct likes, dislikes, and vision for the perfect home. Things are getting complicated!

How can we renovate our home in a manner which keeps everyone happy? And not only now, but for years to come?

It’s easy. You start with the new social hub of the house: the kitchen.

Does your dining room resemble a museum?

Unless it’s Christmas we’re all eating in the kitchen. The dining room is so last century.

The kitchen is the new area where the family gathers, and often where we entertain friends and other visitors. Australia’s new foodie culture has changed the face of how we prepare our meals. Food is no longer meant to be cooked in private behind a set of swinging doors and then served elsewhere as if it had appeared out of thin air.

Most of us prefer to circle around the sizzling of the stove and soak in the aroma prior to digging in. In fact, families nowadays are more apt to work together in meal preparation, as opposed to having one designated cook.

The kitchen is now the centrepiece of our home, and so it only makes sense that the focal point of our living space should exude that WOW factor.

So, go ahead and throw a ping-pong table into your stale formal dining room. You know all that heavy old Oak table is only being used for is storing piles of junk mail anyway!

A modern kitchen for the modern family.

A good number of the houses around Melbourne were built in the 60’s and 70’s, and while kitchen designs of this era certainly had an air of innovation compared to previous decades, a lot has changed over the past 40 odd years.

Today’s kitchen schematics involve plenty of space for comfortable dining and entertaining. And since cooking these days is meant to be fun and creative as opposed to gruelling and mundane, modern kitchen designs reflect this cultural shift.

Unless your home was built in the new millennium, most likely your cabinetry and counter tops are relics of the past.

We’re willing to bet that you won’t find a single member of your family who wouldn’t be on board with a snazzy new kitchen (as long as it’s still got access to the wi-fi, of course).

We can recommend tonnes of great concepts that’ll add a whole lot of luxury and bang to your kitchen, but remember at the end of the day it’s your input that matters.

A big part of the joy of upgrading your space is working concurrently with your family to create something amazing. So call on a family meeting, throw on your thinking caps, and piece together the blueprint for the kitchen of your family’s dreams.

Get a professional to do it!

When it comes to home renovations there are two distinct crowds out there. There are those who say, “Sweet, now where’s my hammer?“ and those who prefer the “Who do I make the cheque out to?“ approach.

And they’re both great options but if you want a professional, a company who does this day in and day out and can manage the project from start to finish you will need to pick up the phone.

When you are looking for an installation professional look for the following:

1. testimonials of previously completed projects
2. the quality of the materials used
3. Will you get an onsite supervisor to project manage the job
4. does the job come with an included warranty

Remember, a kitchen makeover is a gift that your whole family can enjoy. Follow the above and you will have less stress during the process.