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Walk In Wardorobe

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Whether you have a burning desire for a large luxurious walk in wardrobe, or an innovative practical walk in wardrobe is a necessity, the team at Versa Robes Melbourne can design and install a wardrobe to suit your style, needs and budget.

You are guaranteed premium personal service and high quality wardrobes at affordable prices.

There are hundreds of walk in wardrobe designs that can be tweaked and changed to fit the available space or we can create a custom walk in wardrobe to suit your taste.

There are many things to consider when designing your walk in wardrobe:
- sliding or hinged wardrobe doors, or doorless,
- framed or frameless wardrobe doors,
- coloured, mirrored or routed doors and panels,
- entry door or open walk in wardrobe,
- vanity unity or even study / office desk,
- internal configuration: drawers / shelves / hanging,
- rails, handles and accessories,
- soft close or standard drawers,
- colours,
- finishes,
- materials

Walk In Wardorobe

“excellent work and stunning result"
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Walk In Wardorobe

“the finished product was precisely what I was after"
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Every walk in wardrobe we create incorporates the principles of smart design, which are innovative, functional features to maximise your storage space and wardrobe usability.

Wardrobe design can be confusing and costly if you get it wrong. If you live in Melbourne we offer a free no obligation in-home design and quote with a professional wardrobe designer to combine your ideas with our expertise to create a simplistic practical walk in wardrobe or a deluxe indulgent masterpiece, the only limit is your imagination!

At Versa Robes we continually strive for excellence through quality, professionalism and attention to detail. After speaking to our team, meeting with our designers and seeing the final result you will be glad it’s a Versa Robe!

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An Insider's Guide to Walk In Wardrobes

As an alternative to built in wardrobes with sliding doors or a traditional free standing closet with hinged doors is a walk in wardrobe that gives you much more space to store your clothes, shoes and accessories. A custom walk-in wardrobe will use every centimetre of space that’s available, making sure each rail, shelf and set of drawers fits perfectly to magnify your storage options.

We offer wardrobe solutions that are beautiful, functional and innovative by incorporating smart design, so your wardrobe utilises the maximum space available for storage and makes getting ready a breeze. At Versa Robes Melbourne, you’ll find plenty of inspiration for your new custom built walk in wardrobe, but the best part is; our wardrobe designers will personalise every detail of your walk in robe to suit your style.


Versa Robes Melbourne can custom design and expertly install a walk in wardrobe to suit your personal style, practical needs and affordable budget.

Does a Walk in Wardrobe Add Value to a Property?

Driven by consumerism we need more space than we did decades ago so walk in wardrobes are now becoming a necessity in most homes. Walk in robes are no longer reserved for the high earners and film stars. They can be custom made to suit any size, any space or any shape.

Prices range from affordable to very expensive, but whatever shape or size you choose for your home, you can be sure it will appeal to buyers. If you have a walk-in wardrobe with lots of room for different length dresses and coats, suits, trousers, shirts and skirts, plus room for handbags, and drawers for underwear and T-shirts, it is sure to be a hit if you decide to sell.

Sure, investing in a walk in wardrobe won’t guarantee you a sale or an increase in price, but appealing to potential buyers with a fabulous walk in wardrobe can lead the way to those outcomes. Your home needs to stand out from the rest and a walk-in wardrobe could be just the thing. We all know how competitive the property market can be and your walk in wardrobe can be a good selling point for an agent.


Every walk in wardrobe we install incorporates the principles of smart design, which are innovative, with functional features to maximise your storage space and make getting dressed a breeze.

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Walk-in Wardrobe?

We offer custom made wardrobes that are personally designed just for you, but this does not mean they cost a fortune. You can have a basic functional walk in robe that makes the most of the space available in your bedroom or you can have an opulent dressing room fit for royalty. The differences will be in bigger floor area, material used for shelves and drawers, specialised storage systems and deluxe wardrobe accessories if that’s what you want.

You’ll need to have some idea of how many coat hangers and drawers you will need and how much space you will need for a dressing table and drawers for any cosmetics or creams and lotions for men and women and those in between.

The two main factors to think about when designing your walk in wardrobe is layout and size. To give you an idea, most walk in wardrobes we build are $2,000 to $8,000 but a luxurious dressing room would be considerably more. Why not book a free measure and quote with one of our design consultants so you know exactly how much your walk in will cost.

The good news is, at Versa Robes Melbourne we can create a walk in wardrobe for every space, every style and every budget! Our design consultants take the time and make every effort to explain all the minor and major details you should consider in the design and installation of your walk in wardrobe so we can build you a wardrobe you will absolutely love. Call us today to discuss your walk in wardrobe ideas.