Quality Built In Wardrobes

These days quality built in wardrobes are almost a standard feature in new homes, where in the past they were considered a luxury. To make the most of your available space, while representing modern luxury living, having built-in robes is the perfect solution.

The beauty of a built in closet is that they can be placed almost anywhere in the house; bedrooms, bathrooms, garages, hallways and laundry’s. Built in wardrobes can be built in the “hole” between two opposing walls, or the entire length of a room. The height can be from floor to ceiling, or lower, depending entirely on your preferences. A built-in closet is certainly the ideal way to make the most out of “wall space” while providing you with extra storage.

In order to avoid drama and disappointment, it’s important to consider these few things before ordering a built-in wardrobe. Where do you want to place the wardrobe? What is its purpose? Once you’ve established the “where and what”, do some research. Surf the sites of popular built-in wardrobe companies to get more information. It’s never a good idea to rely solely on images presented on websites so you should visit some showrooms in Melbourne or obtain a in home design and quote. Remember to ask the wardrobe company about their warranty, this is very important!

Although “online shopping” is all the craze these days, the reality is that photo’s simply don’t show all the advantages and disadvantages of the product. Not only should you view the product in “real life”, it’s highly recommended you also set an appointment for a professional team to assess the area in which the wardrobe is to be installed. Following these steps, production your wardrobe will commence. This can take some time, so remember to be patient. The final step is installation and that’s it, you’re all finished!

When it comes to the material of the built in robe, the most popular material used is melamine or MDF. This is partly because of its availability and partly because of its price. The most important components (profiles and fittings) of built-in robes are usually made of aluminium.

How the doors of the wardrobe look are generally what people are most interested in. The doors are typically made of MDF which can be “glammed up” with various types of decorative materials such as glass, acrylic, mirrors or special plastics. They can also be purchased in a wide range of different colours.

Many manufacturers websites offer “ready to use” templates on their websites to assist with drawing a wardrobe layout. This great feature may include a cost calculation too! Once again, for accuracy and hassle free service it’s always best to speak with their staff in person. The final price will depend on the size, material used for both at the front and the back, the colours selected, decorative materials added etc. There’s a lot more to it than meets the eye and it’s near impossible to relay all of this over the internet and receive an exact price. Talking to staff is the best way to achieve exactly what you envision.

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