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“I'm so happy I chose Versa Robes"
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  1. Professional Personal Service
  2. High Quality Materials
  3. Talented, Creative Wardrobe Designers
  4. Custom Designed Wardrobes to Suit your Style & Needs
  5. Affordable Custom Wardrobes
  6. Maximise Space: Practical, Functional Wardrobe Layouts
  7. Skilled Professional Wardrobe Installers
  8. Over 10 years of Experience
  9. Supporting a Local Family Business, 100% Australian Owned
  10. FREE no obligation in-home design & quote

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At Versa Robes every wardrobe is an original. Whether you desire a decadent luxury wardrobe, budget wardrobes for investment properties or creative storage solutions, your wardrobe will be individually designed to to suit your style, needs and budget.

Your needs come first! We pride ourselves on premium personal service and high quality wardrobes at affordable prices.

There are many things to consider when designing custom wardrobes:
- walk-in or built in wardrobe,
- sliding or hinged wardrobe doors,
- framed or frameless wardrobe doors,
- coloured, mirrored or routed doors and panels,
- internal configuration: drawers/shelves/hanging,
- soft close or standard drawers,
- colours,
- finishes,
- materials

Walk In Wardorobe

“They Took the hassle right out of the entire process simply by understanding my needs"
Tania Stojanova

Walk In Wardorobe

“they delivered on what they promised! I was very impressed"
Jana Shaana

Wardrobe design can be confusing and costly if you get it wrong. This is why we offer a free no obligation in-home design and quote with a professional wardrobe designer so we can combine your ideas with our expertise to create exactly what you want.

With the help of our wardrobe designers your custom wardrobe can make a statement or appear understated, it can be impressive or seamlessly integrate into a room, it can look indulgent, deluxe and opulent or simple, plain and basic; but every custom wardrobe we create incorporates smart design, which utilises innovative, practical, functional features to maximise your storage space.

At Versa Robes we continually strive for excellence through quality, professionalism and attention to detail. After speaking to our team, meeting with our designers and seeing the final result you will be glad it’s a Versa Robe!

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